Liquid Chromatography

HILIC Mobile Phase: pH

This article discusses the pH of the mobile phase that should be selected in order to enhance the hydrophilicity of the analytes.

HILIC Mobile Phase: Salt Content

In this technical article the effect of the salt content in HILIC mobile phases and the preparation is discussed.

HILIC Mobile Phase: Solvents

In HILIC, small variations of the elution conditions often result in differences in the retention greater than the ones observed in RPLC. Therefore, particular attention has to be paid to the selection and the preparation of the eluents. 

HILIC Stationary Phases

A common and useful classification of the HILIC stationary phases is on the basis of the presence of functional groups on the surface and their charged state: they can be divided in unbounded and bonded phases, and these ones are classified in...

Back-flushing an HPLC column?

In this article, we consider whether it is ok to back-flush a column. If a C18 column is used for a routine analysis and the pressure has risen, as in this example, if the column is reversed and unplugged will this be ok or will be the column be...

Automated software solution for preparative HPLC

DataApex has produced a white paper providing application examples of its Clarity software for analytical and small-scale preparative separation using multivendor analytical and preparative HPLC components.

Learn how Charged Aerosol Detection can be used for both routine and complex analyses

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a number of resources to help you learn how charged aerosol detection can be used for both routine and complex analyses and understand more about the versatility of this novel technique.

Achieve convenience and efficiency in your routine LC analysis

Looking for an LC system that can improve your analytical, instrumental, and laboratory efficiency? If so, find out more about the Agilent 1260 Infinity II Prime LC...

Intelligent System Emulation Technology for seamless transfer of analytical methods

Tired of dedicating methods to LC instruments? With the Agilent 1260 Infinity II Prime LC and Intelligent System Emulation Technology (ISET) you can run methods from your older Agilent, Waters, or Shimadzu LC systems without disruption.

Are you tired of manually mixing mobile phase?

If the answer is yes, take a look at the 'BlendAssist' function of the Agilent 1260 Infinity II Prime LC. With this you can reduce manual work during method development, and eliminate the waste and storage of premixed mobile phases. Watch the video...

Shodex ligand exchange chromatography tutorial

This video describes the separation mode of ligand exchange (LEX). The main application is the complex analysis of sugars. The LEX columns always have a double separation mode. This means two different separation modes in one column. Ligand...

Shodex HILIC tutorial

This video provides a general overview of hydrophilic interaction chromatography, also known as HILIC.HILIC separation is based on hydrophilic interaction. HILIC uses the same solvent as with reserved-phase chromatography (acetonitrile / water /...

Shodex reversed-phase chromatography tutorial

In this video one of the most used separation modes -  the reversed phase is being described.

New HPLC columns from Shodex to improve your separation performance

Shodex's new range of columns are available for a wide range of separation techniques. The separation techniques start with reversed phase, normal phase, HILIC, ion chromatography, ion exchange, ion exclusion, size-exclusion chromatography,...

Improving ROI in liquid chromatography

Looking to calculating the financial benefit of replacing your current LC instrumentation? This white paper should help...

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