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Sample Preparation in GPC/SEC

Want to get a better understanding of the various sample preparation procedures available for GPC/SEC analysis, and what to consider when selecting one? If so, this tutorial is for you...

Fully automated sample analysis and evaluation system for routine quality control

CAMAG's groundbreaking HPTLC PRO SYSTEM lets you exploit the full potential of High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography. This video explains more...

Fundamentals of HPLC – Self-paced Online Training

Covers the essentials that every scientist needs in order to make effective use of liquid chromatography instrumentation. You should take this course if you are new to HPLC, or do you supervise new users of HPLC.

A solution for data acquisition, processing and instrument control

The Clarity Advanced Chromatography Data Station (CDS) from DataApex provides a universal solution for any commercially available chromatograph. The multi-instrument version offers multi-detector measurement capabilities, data acquisition,...

TUTORIAL SERIES: Ion Chromatography Fundamentals

Want to know more about ion chromatography (IC) applications? How can correct use of this technique help you develop better environmental, food and beverage methods? Visit the 'Ion Chromatography' learning hub for the latest comprehensive...

TAN/TBN titration in petrochemical samples - walk away automation for up to 112 samples

The OMNIS Sample Robot from Metrohm meets the need of petrochemical laboratories for automated TAN/TBN determinations in large numbers of samples.

Reliable walk-away automation for serial volumetric Karl Fischer titration

Completely unattended volumetric water determination in up to 50 samples is now possible with the OMNIS Sample Robot from Metrohm.

New OMNIS Karl Fischer titrator makes volumetric water determination safer and easier

The new OMNIS Karl Fischer titrator stands for a safer and more convenient way of volumetric water content determination.

Shodex size-exclusion chromatography tutorial

This video provides a general overview of size-exclusion chromatography.Size-exclusion chromatography is used for analysing high molar mass compounds, such as synthetic polymers, bio-polymers, like proteins and antibodies, polysaccharides and...

Shodex ion chromatography tutorial

This video provides a general overview of ion chromatography.

The IC separation is based on electrostatic interaction (bonding) between the ion exchanger and ionic solutes. Different columns for anionic and cationic separation are available. The...

Accurate and reproducible water content determination by Karl Fischer titration

Water content determination is a standard application in many samples and Karl Fischer titration is the most widely used and accurate method. Metrohm offers solutions enabling the water content determination in almost any matrix ranging from...

Shodex ligand exchange chromatography tutorial

This video describes the separation mode of ligand exchange (LEX). The main application is the complex analysis of sugars. The LEX columns always have a double separation mode. This means two different separation modes in one column. Ligand...

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