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Analytical Intelligence leads to increase in productivity and profitabiity

Shimadzu is applying a new qualitative approach to its hardware and software solutions, benefitting users with a surplus of lab productivity and profitability. Under the umbrella of Analytical Intelligence, more and more analytical systems will...

What's New at the Largest Liquid-Phase Separations Conference in the World

Mark your calendar to attend HPLC 2020 on June 20-25, 2020 in beautiful San Diego, CA, USA along the dramatic Pacific coastline. The HPLC conference will celebrate its 50th edition in 2020, and has grown to become the largest and most visible...

New Multi-Channel UV Detection Systems for Preparative and Flash Chromatography

Learn more about solid state detectors for Preparative Chromatography, which offer higher sensitivity through a 220 nm laser channel for narrow-band precision and as a result is 100 times more stable than Deuterium Lamps.

Fully automated sample analysis and evaluation system for routine quality control

CAMAG's groundbreaking HPTLC PRO SYSTEM lets you exploit the full potential of High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography. This video explains more...

Discover the key to quality management of the Karl Fischer system: Water standards

Separation Science, in collaboration with Honeywell, offers an on-demand webinar presentation that looks at particular aspects of quality management in Karl Fischer titration systems.

Better prep for multi-sampling processing

Shimadzu has announced the release of its new Nexera Prep Series Preparative Purification Liquid Chromatograph (LC). It provides better prep processes for extraction of target compounds and impurities during drug discovery in the pharmaceutical...

TLC-MS and complementary use to HPLC for testing of honey

Learn how complementary TLC-MS and TLC-HPLC-MS methods can be used for successful analysis of neonicotinoid pesticides in honey.

Groundbreaking LC technology to merge ease-of-use and peace-of-mind

Shimadzu's latest issue covers selected analytical applications as well as the latest product information. From groundbreaking LC technology, trace detection of sulfur compounds with SCD and a 20 year anniversary, there is a wealth of information...

Just Enough Sample Preparation

Sample preparation is an integral part to successful chromatographic analysis. Selecting the right sample preparation technique is dependent upon...

Proficiency testing data portal

Merck has introduced our new proficiency testing data entry portal. The new portal, released 2018, can be accessed at The portal has been streamlined to offer speed, ease of use, and data handling. 

The Basics of HILIC

How can we describe the mechanism at the basis of HILIC retention? We will answer this question and give you an insight into the main interactions that govern chromatographic separation in HILIC mode.

Do you HILIC?

Are your analytes eluting close to the void volume of a reversed-phase (RP) column? Do you have problems retaining organic molecules under conventional reversed‑phase liquid chromatography (RPLC) conditions? Have you increased the initial...

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