Liquid Chromatography

Enhancing the scientific experience using laboratory software

View our on-demand webinar to learn about LIMS, delivering knowledge from data, automation solutions, and intuitive workflows.

Advance Your Lab Operations - iLab Software

Listen to our conversation with Giovanni Gambino Digital Services Sales Specialist, South EMEAI, at Agilent Technologies, where we discuss how iLab can help maintain organized, efficient operations, pain points from both an end-user and management...

Advance Your Lab Operations - Asset Monitoring

Listen to our conversation with Rouan Tulloch, Digital Services Sales Specialist at Agilent Technologies, where we discuss what asset monitoring is and the benefits it can bring to your laboratory, how it works and is it secure, and how to make...

Advance Your Lab Operations - CrossLab Connect

Listen to our conversation with Charles van Dortmond, European Enterprise Services Engagement Manager, Agilent Technologies, where we discuss the CrossLab Connect application and philosophy behind it, availability of service history and...

Returning to productive lab operations after the shut down

This webinar shows you how to return to a productive laboratory operation in the new normal working environment. Covid-19 has affected us all and the positive impact that your asset management strategy can have on the productivity of your changing...

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