Liquid Chromatography

Analytical Intelligence leads to increase in productivity and profitabiity

Shimadzu is applying a new qualitative approach to its hardware and software solutions, benefitting users with a surplus of lab productivity and profitability. Under the umbrella of Analytical Intelligence, more and more analytical systems will be...

Chromatography software to support more HPLC systems

DataApex is pleased to announce that Clarity VA Chromatography Software supporting the Hitachi Chromaster and Primaide HPLC systems is now available in the North American market. This special Clarity version is exclusively available through Hitachi...

Automated software solution for preparative HPLC

DataApex has produced a white paper providing application examples of its Clarity software for analytical and small-scale preparative separation using multivendor analytical and preparative HPLC components.

A solution for data acquisition, processing and instrument control

The Clarity Advanced Chromatography Data Station (CDS) from DataApex provides a universal solution for any commercially available chromatograph. The multi-instrument version offers multi-detector measurement capabilities, data acquisition,...

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