Food Analysis

Ensure reliable results of your microbiological tests

The international standard, ISO 11133:2014 (plus amendment 1:2018 and amendment 2:2020) outlines the regulatory requirements to be met in the preparation of culture media meant for use in the microbiological analysis of food, animal feed, and water...

Beverage testing with mobile app for pH and nitrate measurements

This article from Issue 9 of the Analytix Reporter, produced by Merck, examines the use and efficiency of the MQuant® StripScan mobile app to measure the pH of orange juice samples and nitrate concentration of mineral water samples. 

Determination of Water in Sunflower Oil by Karl Fischer Titration

Sunflower oil is the most used cooking oil worldwide. It finds its use in food, as a frying oil, or in cosmetic products as a natural emollient. Additionally, it is used in the production of biodiesel and in some pharmaceutical and technical...

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