Food Analysis

Leveraging LIMS Software to Support Compliance in your Food & Beverage Laboratory

If you would like to learn how leveraging software that prioritizes ISO 17025 standards and supports access to high quality data will increase productivity and compliance in food safety laboratories, register for this on-demand presentation.

Mass Spectrometry to Improve Food Authenticity Testing

This on-demand expert discussion forum addresses some of the key analytical issues surrounding food fraud and authenticity testing. Register and benefit from the real-world experiences of our expert panelists and discover the role of mass...

Advantages of Laminar-Flow Mass Spectrometry for The Determination of Mycotoxins in Food

Would you benefit from learning about some advanced methods for food contaminants determination? If so, this on-demand webinar is for you as it focuses particularly on the performance of LC-MS/MS and Laminar-Flow Mass Spectrometry when applied to...

New Methodology for the Analysis of Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetables by GC-HRMS

Separation Science, in collaboration with Phenomenex, offers a webinar presentation providing invaluable method optimization tips and tricks for pesticide analysis of real sample matrices, including fruits and vegetables, by gas...

Access the free Food Safety Solutions Learning Hub

Separation Science, in collaboration with LECO Europe, offers this free, learning hub covering methods and applications focusing on technologies to enhance your food analyses and increase data quality and sample throughput. Here you'll find...

Precise Testing of Pesticides in Food

This on-demand webinar showcases the capabilities and potential of the SCIEX 7500 System for precise pesticide testing in food. For further details and to register, click below.

Fundamentals on Comprehensive MOSH/MOAH Analysis

With these fundamentals, you will learn during this free online workshop all the ins and outs on the LC-GC coupling, GC×GC and Time-of-Flight MS to be able to determine MOSH and MOAH in food products. Please register for the presentations directly...

The Challenges of Pesticide Analysis - LC or GC Triple Quadrupole?

Ensuring the safety of the world’s food supply is critical, but identifying and quantifying contaminants such as pesticides can be a significant challenge, particularly in widely differing environments under a variety of regulatory frameworks.

Webinar: Food Authenticity and the AOAC International Standards and Methods Program

How accurately and appropriately are foods and their ingredients represented to the consumer? Join AOAC experts to learn about food authenticity analytical science in a webcast in collaboration with Food Analysis and Separation Science.

Webinar: An Industry Perspective from Nestlé on the Prevention of Food Fraud

Don't miss this webinar and learn how Nestlé has collaborated with Thermo Fisher Scientific and SGS Molecular to develop an untargeted species identification workflow based on Next Generation Sequencing, which is applicable to meat, fish and plant.

Ultra Fast Mass Spectrometry for the Analysis of Chemical Hazards in Food & Beverages

The increasing complexity of the food supply chain, the exponential growth of chemical hazards and their regulations have brought several challenges to the field of food safety. This webinar will demonstrate how the use of ultra fast spectrometry...

Automated Solutions for Determining 3-MCPD and Glycidyl Fatty Acid Esters in Edible Oils and Fats

Would you like to automate the complex sample preparation process for the determination of 3-MCPD and glycidyl fatty acid esters in edible oils and fats? If so, this on-demand webinar will explain how this can be achieved by using the complete...

Strategy for Routine Quantitative Pesticide Analysis using a GC/Q-TOF

Separation Science, in association with Agilent Technologies, offers you the exclusive opportunity to take part in a webinar describing the unambiguous identification and accurate quantification results of pesticide residues in fruits and...

Benefits of a High-Sensitivity GC-MS/MS for Pesticide Residue Analysis in Complex Samples

Separation Science, in association with Agilent Technologies, offers you the exclusive chance to take part in a webinar describing the benefits of using a high-sensitivity GC-MS/MS in the analysis of pesticide residues in complex samples.

SPME method development for food analysis

Implementing SPME methods for food analysis

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