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Wyatt Technology provides absolute macromolecular and nanoparticle characterization solutions by developing the finest instrumentation and services to chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological and academic laboratories worldwide. We delight our customers with unparalleled levels of service and support, facilitating their cutting-edge research and development efforts.

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The role of light scattering in biopharmaceutical formulation development

Are you involved in biopharmaceutical research? Would you like to find out more about the role of light scattering and associated techniques in characterizing biological molecules? This presentation from Separation Science, in collaboration with...

Benefits of field-flow fractionation and light scattering in protein aggregation

Do you currently experience a lack of reliable methods for the quantification of submicron (0.1 to 1 mm) protein aggregates? Would you like to learn more about how field-flow fractionation and light scattering are suitable techniques for studying...

Perform absolute characterization of polymeric excipients

Do you encounter challenges with polymer characterization and would like to learn more about cutting-edge technology that can help identify and overcome any shortfalls of your current techniques? If so, this presentation from Separation Science,...

How can light scattering can improve your GPC/SEC

Learn about the advantages and benefits of light scatttering techniques and how they can help your analysis of polymeric excipients.

Characterization of polymeric excipients with SEC and light scattering

Polymeric and other content can contribute up to 90% of the total mass in a pharmaceutical product, where excipients play a critical role in the drug’s performance. In just one example of the importance of excipient properties for therapeutic...

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