Pharmaceutical Analysis

HPLC applications suitable for the different aspects of CQA monitoring

Involved in CQA monitoring? Looking for reliable HPLC methods suitable for the various aspects of this work? If so, the 'Critical Quality Attributes: Applications Compendium' is what you're looking for.

Analysis of a bispecific monoclonal antibody with SEC-MS

Looking for an effective method for monoclonal antibody analysis? SEC-MS could be the answer...

Easy characterisation workflows in therapeutic protein analysis

Looking for new and improved technologies to advance your peptide mapping strategies? Do you want to overcome automation problems with your therapeutic protein workflows? If so, signup for this educational presentation...

Fundamentals and applications of agarose resins in SEC of proteins

Want to read a great introduction to SEC for protein analysis, and the advantages of new-generation agarose columns - then take a look at this new white paper from GE Healthcare.

A biopharma collaboration - NIBRT and Thermo Fisher Scientific

Biopharmaceuticals represent protein molecules produced by genetically engineered living cells using large scale industrial bioprocessing. The complexity of these molecules requires advanced analytical characterisation strategies to ensure that...

Comparing in-solution digestion approaches to quantify therapeutic mAb modifications

Do you work with therapeutic recombinant mAbs? Need to understand the extent of post-translational modifications? If so, you'll be interested in this comparison of in-solution protein digestion approaches...

Introducing the biopharmaceutical characterization resource center

Want to know more about biopharmaceutical characterization? Need help with your protein analysis or peptide mapping, require improved applications for glycan analysis or struggle with your chromatography or mass spectrometry? If so, this educational...

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