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Principles of HPLC Validation - Training Module 3: Validation and Documentation

A short course in the systematic validation of HPLC methods. We go through the various validation steps in detail. We review the key regulatory requirements from the International Committee on Harmonization (ICH), which also apply to the national...

Principles of HPLC Validation - Training Module 2: Method Development and Pre-Validation

A short course in the systematic validation of HPLC methods. The validation process is best started with the first injection during method development. We discuss the importance of having an overall plan for the method development / validation /...

Updating HPLC compendial methods for improved pharmaceutical analysis

Would you like to learn more about the vital role of compendial methods in pharmaceutical analysis and how, by making adjustments to them, laboratory efficiency can be increased and cost decreased? If so, this webinar will provide the answers.

Principles of HPLC Validation - Training Module 1: Introduction

A short course in the systematic validation of HPLC methods. We start by taking an overview of the validation process and review some of the key references that will be useful in setting up a validation process. We also discuss the terminology...

Reaction Monitoring with UltraPerformance Convergence Chromatography

Once a chemical hit is found through a library screening process and verified, the synthetic route is then optimized. This step involves an iterative process of synthesis and reactivity measurements of the new compound(s) to further develop the...

Practical Considerations for Achiral Analysis of Pharmaceutical Compounds Using Convergence Chromatography

In convergence chromatography (CC), the modes of interaction between the stationary phase and the solute are numerous, including hydrogen bonding, hydrophobic interactions, dipolar and polarizability interactions and solute partitioning [1]....

Discover a method for the preparative purification of Ibuprofen

This application note describes a method for the preparative purification of Ibuprofen and its analogs using the Prominence™ UFPLC designed to improve the efficiency of your workflow.

High-speed analysis of pramipexole that meets regulatory compliance

This application note demonstrates a method for the high-speed analysis of pramipexole following the draft guidance of International Harmonization of Pharmacopoeias. It uses Shimadzu's integrated LC system, the Nexera™ - i MT. 

How to analyse irbesartan using an integrated LC system

This application demonstrates an effective method for the analysis irbesartan using Shimadzu's integrated LC system, the Nexera™ - i MT. 

Doubling chromatographic throughput using dual LC for pharmaceutical analysis

Thermo Fisher Scientific has produced an application note describing a novel Dual LC workflow, which provides a unique concept by using two separated flow paths in one system. It shows how the Thermo Scientific Vanquish Duo system for Dual LC...

How to analyse small pharmaceuticals and peptide mixtures using chemically stable merged inorganic/organic silica material

Kromasil has produced an application note demonstrating how, by using merged inorganic/organic silica materials with newly developed C8, C18 or phenyl hexyl phases, it is possible to use a stationary phase with a wider pH range. 


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