Pharmaceutical Analysis

An introduction to solid-state NMR — an indispensable analytical tool

Are you new to solid-state NMR and would like to gain a better understanding of this exciting and rapidly developing area of NMR spectroscopy? If so, sign up for this webinar that will introduce you to the basic principles and techniques of...

Structural NMR Techniques Contribution to Late Lead Optimization & Preclinical Development

In this on-demand presentation, some examples of applications of different NMR structural techniques with cases from late lead optimization and preclinical development phase will be presented and discussed. Focus will be given also to the combined...

NMR and Molecular Recognition

[On-demand webinar] Molecular recognition by specific targets is at the heart of the life processes. In recent years, it has been shown that the interactions between proteins (lectins, enzymes, antibodies) and carbohydrates mediate a broad range of...

Structural NMR Techniques: Contribution to the Drug Discovery & Development

Attend this on-demand webinar by Carla Marchioro and you will learn how structural techniques contribute to drug discovery and development. This will be further explained through application examples.

NMR Solutions from Bruker

Bruker offers a range of software and hardware that addressses the need for enhanced workflow solutions for NMR spectroscopy research and analysis. These solutions benefit researchers in many disciplines of NMR, while providing productivity...

NMR Probe for Fluorinated Compounds

JEOL has introduced a probe for NMR analysis of fluorinated compounds prevalent in many new pharmaceutical products.

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