Pharmaceutical Analysis

Protein Binding Determination - Comparison Study of Techniques & Devices

This article from Issue 10 of the Analytix Reporter, produced by Merck, provides a comparative study between the Supel™ BioSPME 96-Pin device and the rapid equilibrium dialysis technique.

Advances in Mass Spectrometry Instrument Intelligence

Separation Science, in collaboration with Agilent, offers the 'Advances in Mass Spectrometry Instrument Intelligence' eBook. Download it and learn how to develop LC/MS methods faster, ensure confidence in results and maximize uptime.

Analysis of Oligonucleotides by SEC-MALS

This article from Issue 13 of the Analytix Reporter demonstrates the ability of TSKgel® UP-SW2000 size exclusion chromatography (SEC) columns to distinguish between oligonucleotide species differing by one base in length. To further analyse...

Synthetic Carbon Adsorbents for Removal of Host Cell Proteins in Monoclonal Antibody Purification

The removal of host cell proteins (HCPs) in the manufacturing of mAbs remains a challenge. This article, from Issue 13 of the Analytix Reporter, teaches you how to improve depletion of difficult-to-remove lower molecular weight and hydrophobic HCPs...

Fast Analysis of Intact Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibody Trastuzumab

This article, from Issue 13 of the Analytix Reporter, demonstrates a high-resolution and reproducible analysis of mAb trastuzumab in less than 5 minutes using a BIOshell™ A400 Protein C4 column. More importantly the optimized method was able to...

High-Throughput Lead Discovery with Agilent RapidFire/MS Systems

In this application note a stearoyl-coenzyme A desaturase (SCD) assay is used to illustrate the power of Agilent RapidFire/MS systems for screening intractable targets.

Ultrafast Analysis of Levetiracetam in Serum

This application note evaluates the ability of an ultrafast SPE/MS/MS system (Agilent RapidFire high-throughput MS system) which is capable of analysis times of <10 seconds per sample to analyze levetiracetam in human serum.

Fragment-Based Drug Discovery: Comparing Labeled and Label-Free Screening

This application note describes screening of β-amyloid secretase (BACE-1) using fluorescence spectroscopy and ultrafast SPE/MS/MS.

High-Throughput LC/MS Applications

Separation Science, in collaboration with Agilent, offers an eBook focusing on high-throughput LC-MS applications of the RapidFire 400 system. 

Analysis of Fingolimod Hydrochloride According to USP Monograph Guidelines

This article from Issue 10 of the Analytix Reporter, produced by Merck, demonstrates a rapid, accurate, and simple method that was developed for the total chromatographic purity analysis of Fingolimod hydrochloride by HPLC-DAD, well within the...

Comparative analysis of innovator and biosimilar mAbs using a multi-attribute method

This application note demonstrates how a high resolution multi-attribute method (HR-MAM) provides a streamlined workflow for the identification, robust relative quantitation, and monitoring of product quality attributes (PQAs).

Reliably quantify nitrosamine impurities in drugs using an HRAM LC-MS method

This application note will enable you to detect and quantify nine nitrosamines with a single liquid chromatography-high resolution accurate mass (HRAM) mass spectrometry method.

Build the Lab of the Future Today for Pharma 4.0

Pharmaceutical companies can be more cost-efficient, more connected and more productive with Pharma 4.0 by modernizing the laboratories. The transformation into the Lab of the Future necessitates the use of digitalization and connectivity. In this...

Strengthening Asia’s Scientific Community for Tomorrow’s Pharma 4.0

While Asia’s pharmaceutical businesses cope with the changes in operating environments, the scientific community, involving local and international scientists, chemists and laboratory professionals, needs to continue to strengthen and grow through...

Perform high-speed analysis of linezolid

This application note describes the high-speed analysis of linezolid following the draft guidance of International Harmonization of Pharmacopoeias.

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