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Regulatory Challenges in Pharma 4.0

In this forum, the expert panel discuss acceptance from regulators on new technology, and other key issues regarding Pharma 4.0. 

Impact of COVID on Pharma 4.0

In this forum, the expert panel discuss changes to the pharmaceutical manufacturing processes during and post the COVID pandemic including what technologies have been adopted to increase speed and efficiencies. 

Pharma 4.0: Analytical Procedure Lifecycle Management

In this forum, the expert panel will discuss applying an enhanced approach to the lifecycle of analytical procedures from development through validation, transfer, operational execution, and change control until final discontinuation.

Pharma 4.0 - 2021: Streamlining Biologics Production


In this upcoming forum the expert panel will discuss technologies and strategies for streamlining biopharmaceuticals production - in particular, the panelists will multi-attribute methods. 

Join Pharma 4.0 - 2021 - Transforming Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The Evolution of PAT for Small Molecules

Are you looking for quality strategies for your small molecule manufacturing? If so, listen to Martin Warman discuss how process analytical technology (PAT) has developed to ensure the highest standards for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Continuous Manufacturing: Business Case Drivers, Control and Deployment Strategies for Small Molecule Oral Products

With the move from traditional batch manufacturing to continuous manufacturing there is a need for real-time monitoring and real-time release of products - learn more from Janssen Pharmaceuticals.

Build the Lab of the Future Today for Pharma 4.0

Pharmaceutical companies can be more cost-efficient, more connected and more productive with Pharma 4.0 by modernizing the laboratories. The transformation into the Lab of the Future necessitates the use of digitalization and connectivity. In this...

Strengthening Asia’s Scientific Community for Tomorrow’s Pharma 4.0

While Asia’s pharmaceutical businesses cope with the changes in operating environments, the scientific community, involving local and international scientists, chemists and laboratory professionals, needs to continue to strengthen and grow through...

A biopharma collaboration - NIBRT and Thermo Fisher Scientific

Biopharmaceuticals represent protein molecules produced by genetically engineered living cells using large scale industrial bioprocessing. The complexity of these molecules requires advanced analytical characterisation strategies to ensure that...

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