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Pharma 4.0 - 2021: Streamlining Biologics Production


In this upcoming forum the expert panel will discuss technologies and strategies for streamlining biopharmaceuticals production - in particular, the panelists will multi-attribute methods. 



Technology, Innovation & Impact on the Laboratory
Separation Science, in collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific, brings the 2021 instalment of PHARMA 4.0: Transforming Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, an eConference and Expert Discussion Forums Series with eminent global thought leaders that covers current and future trends in analytical, process, quality and regulatory issues and their impact on the laboratory of the future and its connection to continuous manufacturing. PHARMA 4.0: Transforming Pharmaceutical Manufacturing brings together participants from industry, academia and regulatory to create an invaluable resource for recent developments, future trends, challenges and solutions for development & manufacturing of pharmaceutical & biotechnology products.

The next forum will take place on 10 November. Details below:

Streamlining Biologics Production
Date: 10 November, 2021
Start Time: 10:30am New Delhi | 1:00pm Singapore | 2:00pm Japan | 4:00pm Sydney

Listen to our expert panel 

Invited panellists for this forum include:

JonathanBonesProf. Jonathan Bones
NIBRT, Ireland


GregPinoGreg Pino
PAT Specialist, Takeda


JaredAuclairPhotoJared Auclair
Northeastern University, USA


RichardRogersRichard Rogers - Head of Process Analytics
Umoja Biopharma, USA




SouthKoreaFlag_Final모든 온라인 컨퍼런스 및 포럼에는 한국어 자막이 제공됩니다.


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