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Preparative-scale chromatography solutions

Preparative-scale chromatography plays a critical role in applications where compounds must be synthesized, identified, isolated, purified, characterized, screened, and tested. Waters AutoPurification Systems offer scalable prep configurations,...

Developing, Testing and Troubleshooting Chromatography Method Transfer

The transfer of chromatographic methods occurs at many stages in the development and production of a product. In its simplest form, the method is moved from one laboratory to another within the same organization, holding all instrumental and...

Discover the Power of the Ultivo Triple Quadrupole LC/MS

The Ultivo from Agilent Technologies is a small triple quadrupole LC/MS system designed to maximize quantitative performance and promote more uptime. Find out more about its unbelievable power in action.


Understanding GPC/SEC - Finding the Right Particle Size and Pore Size

Want to understand what the correct criteria for column selection should be based on? If so, this tutorial is for you...

Understanding GPC/SEC - Unexpected Peak Shapes

Do you find weird peak shapes in your chromatograms? Not sure if they are real or artifacts?

Understanding GPC/SEC - How to deal with pressure problems

So you're using gel permeation chromatography (GPC) / size exclusion chromatography (SEC) but are experiencing problems with your system pressure. What do you do?

Understanding GPC/SEC - What do you need to know before injecting a sample?

So you're thinking of using gel permeation chromatography (GPC) for your analyses, but before you dive in just what information do you need to know before your first sample injection?

The Importance of Signal-to-Noise

In this technical article you will learn how the signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) is an important variable that may influence the performance of your method.

Service is the key when purchasing an analytical instrument

John Dolan: I often get asked which HPLC system or manufacturer is the best. In days of yore, there was quite a bit of difference in quality and reliability between instruments sold by different manufacturers, but that is no longer true.

High- or Low-Pressure Mixing?

This technical article discusses whether high-pressure mixing or low-pressure mixing are better.

All Columns are NOT Created Equal (demonstrate Column Equivalence)

Q: I have a validated stability-indicating assay that uses one manufacturer’s C18 column. I know of another column manufacturer where I can get an equivalent C18 column for half the price of the column stated in the method. Will changing columns...

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