Liquid Chromatography

Accurate and reproducible water content determination by Karl Fischer titration

Water content determination is a standard application in many samples and Karl Fischer titration is the most widely used and accurate method. Metrohm offers solutions enabling the water content determination in almost any matrix ranging from solid to viscous to liquid and gaseous samples.

At the end of the video below you will be able to download a poster titled 'Water determination in various plastics'. 

The poster describes the accurate and straightforward determination of the water content using the Karl Fischer Oven Method in ten different plastic types that are not amenable to direct Karl Fischer titration. Since the presence of excessive water adversely affects the performance of polymeric goods, water determination is of crucial importance. The experiments revealed that besides the determination of the oven temperature, sample preparation is one of the most important steps of the analysis, especially in the case of hygroscopic plastic samples.




Discover how Metrohm offers the widest range of solutions for Karl Fischer titration


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