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Fix LC-MS problems with Shimadzu's downloadable troubleshooting guide

LC-MS systems are complex and sensitive instruments, and even minor issues can lead to inaccurate results or instrument downtime, resulting in financial losses and delayed research.

Applying Single Quad LC-MS to a Variety of Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage Analyses

LC-MS is one of the most widely used analytical techniques due to its ability to provide sensitive, selective, and specific data for both qualitative and quantitative analysis. This eBook, produced by Separation Science in collaboration with...

Advanced LC systems that even support remote working

Shimadzu has announced the release of its “Advanced i-Series” liquid chromatographs meeting user demands for analysing a large number of samples or quickly re-processing data even when working from home.

High-resolution and high-speed simultaneous analysis of regulated UV-adsorbents in cosmetics

This application note provides details of LC conditions and columns to achieve high resolution and high-speed analysis of UV-absorbents using an SPP column.

High-resolution and high-speed simultaneous analysis of preservatives in cosmetics

This application note describes a technique to detect and quantify 24 commonly found preservatives in cosmetics in under 8 minutes and explains how a change in LC columns can achieve both high-resolution and high-speed analysis of preservatives.

Accurate LC-MS/MS analysis of APEOs and APs in textiles

In this application note, the analysis of the most critical alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEOs) and alkylphenols (APs) (namely NPEOs, octylphenol ethoxylates (OPEOs) and their APs) are demonstrated using LC-MS/MS through MRM mode.

Analytical Intelligence leads to increase in productivity and profitabiity

Shimadzu is applying a new qualitative approach to its hardware and software solutions, benefitting users with a surplus of lab productivity and profitability. Under the umbrella of Analytical Intelligence, more and more analytical systems will be...

Better prep for multi-sampling processing

Shimadzu has announced the release of its new Nexera Prep Series Preparative Purification Liquid Chromatograph (LC). It provides better prep processes for extraction of target compounds and impurities during drug discovery in the pharmaceutical...

Groundbreaking LC technology to merge ease-of-use and peace-of-mind

Shimadzu's latest issue covers selected analytical applications as well as the latest product information. From groundbreaking LC technology, trace detection of sulfur compounds with SCD and a 20 year anniversary, there is a wealth of information...

High Performance Analytical Instrumentation at analytica from Shimadzu

At the analytica trade exhibition in Munich from 10-13 April, Shimadzu will show the current and new highlights from its entire analytical instrumentation range consisting of chromatography, spectroscopy, spectrometry, TOC, material testing and...

Innovative Solution for the Various Instruments in the Analytical Laboratory

Shimadzu has produced a poster detailing how data integrity compliance can effectively be achieved on a unified network platform in the analytical laboratory.

Data Integrity Compliance Using the LabSolutions Report Set

Shimadzu has produced a technical note aimed at improving laboratory data integrity using the Report Set function in LabSolutions DB/CS version 6.50.

Shimadzu Launches i-Series Plus Integrated HPLC System

Shimadzu has launched its i-Series Plus integrated HPLC system that covers conventional to ultra-fast LC analysis. The launch coincides with the company's 50th anniversary of its presence in Europe.

Perform Analysis of Choline and Acetylcholine in Rat Cerebrospinal Fluid Samples by SFC

Shimadzu has produced an application note describing the SFC analysis of choline in a rat cerebrospinal fluid sample by direct injection of the cerebrospinal fluid to the Nexera-UC system.

Application of Online SFE-SFC-PDA for Cleaning Validation

Shimadzu has produced an application note describing the Nexera-UC online SFE-SFC system that was used for efficient analysis of alkylbenzenesulfone from a swab (cloth used for surface wiping to show safety at a pharmaceutical manufacturing site).

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