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Better prep for multi-sampling processing

Shimadzu has announced the release of its new Nexera Prep Series Preparative Purification Liquid Chromatograph (LC). It provides better prep processes for extraction of target compounds and impurities during drug discovery in the pharmaceutical industry and purification of functional components in the chemical and food industries.

Improve your prep process with the Nexera Prep Series >> 

Preparative HPLC is a process in which specific substances are separated and purified from samples. The Nexera Prep Series dramatically improves productivity via flexible scalability and an efficient, user friendly preparative workflow.

Customer- and Application-specific Solution

Shimadzu_Nexera_PrepThe Nexera Prep Series consists of multiple related products with the LC units as the core. Users select a pump, autosampler and detector to build a system according to the purpose of the preparative work. Systems can be configured using related products such as the LH-40 Liquid Handler, FRC-40 Fraction Collector, Shim-pack Scepter LC Column for Analysis and Preparative Work, and Column Hub.

Preparative purification is generally performed following a multi-step workflow, which requires experience and time:

  1. Selection of system configuration and preparative column size based on the amount of purified sample or injection volume required
  2. Selection of fraction collector and container size according to the intended purpose
  3. Investigation of separation conditions in analytical scale
  4. Optimization of preparative LC conditions
  5. Confirmation of the purity of collected fractions.


The Nexera Prep Purification LC System provides new features to simplify the preparative workflow:

  • Reduces the time required for investigating conditions
  • UFPLC high-purity purification system
  • Flexible system scalability.

Improve your prep process with the Nexera Prep Series >> 

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