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A lab-wide approach for training your entire team

A successful lab requires more than just optmized workflows - at its heart it needs a confident, well-trained team of scientists.

Advance Your Lab Operations - iLab Software

Listen to our conversation with Giovanni Gambino Digital Services Sales Specialist, South EMEAI, at Agilent Technologies, where we discuss how iLab can help maintain organized, efficient operations, pain points from both an end-user and management...

Advance Your Lab Operations - Asset Monitoring

Listen to our conversation with Rouan Tulloch, Digital Services Sales Specialist at Agilent Technologies, where we discuss what asset monitoring is and the benefits it can bring to your laboratory, how it works and is it secure, and how to make...

Advance Your Lab Operations - CrossLab Connect

Listen to our conversation with Charles van Dortmond, European Enterprise Services Engagement Manager, Agilent Technologies, where we discuss the CrossLab Connect application and philosophy behind it, availability of service history and...

Conquering Orbital Ion Trap Limitations

This eBook demonstrates the six coveted advantages you gain with the Agilent 6546 LC/Q-TOF.

FAQs on GC and GC/MS Answered

In Part 2 of this webinar series, Agilent experts continue to discuss some of the most frequently asked questions about GC and GC/MS. View the on-demand presentation and find answers to some of the most frequently asked GC and GC/MS questions.

New ICP-OES Sample Introduction Components to Enhance Analysis of Challenging Samples

Join this ICP-OES focused webinar to learn about new sample introduction components that can enhance analysis of challenging samples with improved productivity, better performance, and simpler maintenance routines.

Returning to productive lab operations after the shut down

This webinar shows you how to return to a productive laboratory operation in the new normal working environment. Covid-19 has affected us all and the positive impact that your asset management strategy can have on the productivity of your changing...

How to make the most of your LC system

Would you like to learn some useful tips for preventive maintenance of your LC system and know what to look out for to keep it running at optimal performance? If so, this upcoming webinar from Separation Science, in collaboration with Agilent, will...

Achieve convenience and efficiency in your routine LC analysis

Looking for an LC system that can improve your analytical, instrumental, and laboratory efficiency? If so, find out more about the Agilent 1260 Infinity II Prime LC...

Intelligent System Emulation Technology for seamless transfer of analytical methods

Tired of dedicating methods to LC instruments? With the Agilent 1260 Infinity II Prime LC and Intelligent System Emulation Technology (ISET) you can run methods from your older Agilent, Waters, or Shimadzu LC systems without disruption.

Are you tired of manually mixing mobile phase?

If the answer is yes, take a look at the 'BlendAssist' function of the Agilent 1260 Infinity II Prime LC. With this you can reduce manual work during method development, and eliminate the waste and storage of premixed mobile phases. Watch the video...

Improving ROI in liquid chromatography

Looking to calculating the financial benefit of replacing your current LC instrumentation? This white paper should help...

Developing Strategies for Preparative HPLC

Agilent Technologies has produced a technical overview describing how to combine UV- and mass-based fraction detection with recovery collection for confident, successful sample purification.

Discover the Power of the Ultivo Triple Quadrupole LC/MS

The Ultivo from Agilent Technologies is a small triple quadrupole LC/MS system designed to maximize quantitative performance and promote more uptime. Find out more about its unbelievable power in action.


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