Liquid Chromatography

How to make the most of your LC system

Would you like to learn some useful tips for preventive maintenance of your LC system and know what to look out for to keep it running at optimal performance? If so, this upcoming webinar from Separation Science, in collaboration with Agilent, will provide you with the answers.

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When is it happening?

Dates: 14 & 15 May, 2020

This webinar will broadcast three times so please select the broadcast that is most convenient for you.

Broadcast #1: 14 May - 8 am EDT (New York) / 1 pm BST  (London)/ 2 pm CEST (Paris) / 5:30 pm IST (New Delhi)

Broadcast #2: 14 May -11 am PDT (California) / 2 pm EDT (New York)

Broadcast #3: 15 May -7 am IST (New Delhi) / 9.30 am SGT (Singapore) / 10:30 am JST (Tokyo) / 11:30 am AEST (Melbourne)

What does it cover?

Keeping your LC system ready to perform when you need it becomes more and more important as demands for lab productivity go up. No one likes it when an LC system is down or needs maintenance. Understanding the key components of an LC system, how it works and the effect of certain instrument parts on chromatography is essential to keep LC systems up and operational day after day. This webinar will cover the LC system overview, from solvent bottles to detector, with a focus on preventive maintenance and what to look out for to keep your systems running at optimal performance. 

By attending this webinar you will ...

  • gain a comprehensive system overview from mobile phase, pump, injector to detector
  • be able to identify common issues so you can quickly get your system up and running quickly
  • learn preventive maintenance techniques and tips for daily use
  • look at new technologies that can improve your day to day efficiency when using your LC.

The Presenter

Mark_80Mark Powell 
(Applications Engineer, Agilent, Wilmington, Delaware, USA) 
Mark Powell is an Applications Engineer located at Agilent’s Little Falls site in Wilmington, Delaware, USA. Before joining Agilent in 2011, Mark worked in the pharmaceutical industry synthesizing, purifying and analyzing drug candidates. He provides applications assistance and technical support for Agilent’s HPLC columns and consumables.


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