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Separation Science 2017 Conference

Separation Science 2017 is the 6th instalment of this highly successful conference, and will focus upon key disciplines within chromatography, mass spectrometry and related techniques, providing attendees with a unique learning opportunity from leading thought leaders and key educators in these techniques. This year the scientific programme will concentrate on the analytical power and versatility of hyphenated techniques, and offer an insight into the value of these methodologies and the benefits that can be achieved through their use. A poster programme will complement the oral programme. Topics covered will include: Sample preparation for coupled techniques, LC-MS (/MS), GC-MS(/MS), Multidimensional chromatography, Other separation hyphenations (SFC, CE etc.), Other detection methods, Data handling, etc

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Get your sample preparation strategies right for good chromatography

This November in Singapore, Separation Science in collaboration with sample preparation expert Ronald Majors, will be providing a one-day training course on sample preparation starteges for good chromatography.

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