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Preventative GC maintenance and performance verification testing

Is the analytical result you are reporting valid? Maybe the ones from yesterday or last week were, but will the ones from today also be? Will the results from your tray of 70 samples have to be thrown out and the analyses be run again? This month...

Sandwich Injections

In this article we discuss the merits and deficiencies of sandwich injection techniques.

Inlet Activity

In this article we discuss issues related to inlet and liner activity.

Calibration Curves – Standard Addition

In this article we discuss the calibration technique of standard addition.

Calibration Curves – Part 2, Internal Standard Approach

This technical article covers the internal standard method of GC calibration.

Calibration Curves – Part 1

In this article we discuss general approaches to GC response calibration and focus on the simplest; external calibration.

All About GC Ferrules – Part 2, Graphite and Polymeric Ferrules

In this article we continue the previous discussion of ferrules used in gas chromatography.

All About GC Ferrules – Part 1, Metal Ferrules

In this article we cover the first part of an important and often neglected topic: ferrules.

Uncoated Pre-Column Backflush Configuration

Under discussion is one of the newer approaches to capillary column backflush: the uncoated pre-column configuration.

Coated Pre-Column Backflush

Continuing our discussion of the three configurations of capillary column backflush, we cover the coated pre-column configuration.

Post Column Backflush

We continue the previous article's backflush discussion with a description of the most common form of backflush: post-column backflush.

Capillary Column Backflush

In this technical article we introduce the concepts of backflushing capillary columns.

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