Gas Chromatography

Ask the Agilent Experts - Part 4: GC and GC/MS Scientists Discuss & Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions

Following up from our very successful previous sessions, we are delighted to offer another panel discussion in the ever popular “Ask the Agilent Experts” series.

Optimized GC/MS Analysis of PAHs with Hydrogen Carrier Using a Novel EI Source

Separation Science, in collaboration with Agilent, offers a video application, complementary application note and related assets focused on GC/MS in selected ion monitoring (SIM) mode using hydrogen as the GC carrier gas.

Rising Above the Helium Shortage [White Paper]

Experts refer to it as ‘Helium Shortage 4.0’ – the fourth time in the past twenty years that the world has faced a serious deficit in helium gas production. The latest helium shortfall, a product of events including the Ukraine war, has revealed a...

GC Solutions for Hydrogen Impurities Analysis

View this on-demand presentation in which the speakers deliver the total solution for hydrogen impurities analysis including five different GC configurations.

Moving towards sustainable gas chromatography laboratories

Find out how progressing to a more sustainable laboratory is possible by switching to a multi-gas system by registering for this on-demand webinar that focuses on the replacement of helium as a carrier gas in gas chromatography.

Applications for Hydrogen and Biofuels Analysis

This latest series of application notes demonstrates hydrogen and biofuels analysis as an alternate energy that conforms to industry standards, such as EN-14110.

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