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Solutions for cutting GC method development and optimization time

Discover how you can cut GC method development and optimization time with EZGC web tools as this webinar presents software solutions to hard problems.

The future of GC with intelligent GC systems

Would you like to make your life in the lab easier and more efficient? If so, Smart GC systems could be the answer. They allow you to connect and communicate remotely, thus increasing your productivity and reducing unplanned downtime.This...

Successfully perform high temperature GC applications

Would you like to fully understand what high temperature gas chromatography means and discover strategies for more efficient and successful high temperature applications? If so, this on-demand webinar will provide the answers.

Simple steps to perform easier GC and obtain high quality, accurate data every time

Would you like to break with some of your old habits and discover new ways to to streamline your daily workload leading to increased productivity? If so, this on-demand webinar presents at least 10 tips and tricks to perform easier GC.

Thermal Desorption for the Analysis of Electronic Cigarette Aerosols

Electronic cigarettes, or “e-cigarettes,” are a relatively new product that is experiencing a rapid growth in popularity. As a result, users, regulatory agents, and scientists are interested in assessing the safety or potential risks associated...

Increase your lab's productivity with intelligent GC sytems

Do you need to increase productivity and decrease downtime in your laboratory? This on-demand webinar introduces Agilent’s new suite of intelligent gas chromatographs that will help you reach this goal.

Keep your GC/GC-MS system performing like new

Would you like to keep your GC(MS) system in top condition and have it perform like new? This webinar goes over simple strategies to help maintain a clean and healthy GC(MS) system longer, such as how utilizing guard columns can protect your...

High-purity carbon adsorbents for sample prep and chromatography

Want to know how carbon adsorbents can improve your sample preparation and chromatographic applications. Looking for some new tools for your analytical toolbox? If so, why not sign up for this webinar.

Useful strategies to improve the sensitivity and reliability of your GC or GC/MS analysis

Would you like to improve the sensitivity and reliability of your GC or GC/MS analysis when dealing with complex matrix samples? Often sample preparation is the critical step needed and appropriate sample preparation techniques not only make...

Mastering the art of GC column maintenance

Struggling with too much GC column maintenance or troubleshooting? Are you adjusting too many retention times after changing your column? Tired of venting your mass spec to trim the column yet again? If so this helpful GC-focused webinar is for...

Pushing upper temperature limits for WAX columns...

Want to know what extending the upper temperatures limits of your WAX columns will do for your run times and applications? Watch this presentation to find out...

Alternative Carrier Gas for GC and GC-MS

Separation Science, in collaboration with Peak Scientific, is pleased to offer an on-demand presentation addressing potential alternatives to helium as a carrier gas in GC analysis. 

Helium has been the preferred carrier gas for GC applications...

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