Gas Chromatography

Meeting high-throughput demand for analytical testing laboratories

This technical note illustrates the effectiveness of a dual-tower autosampler in meeting high-throughput demand for analytical testing laboratories.

Applications for Hydrogen and Biofuels Analysis

This latest series of application notes demonstrates hydrogen and biofuels analysis as an alternate energy that conforms to industry standards, such as EN-14110.

[eBook] Methods & Applications in GC-MS

Separation Science, in collaboration with Agilent, offers an eBook providing a selection of application notes showcasing recent methods and applications in the technique of GC-MS. Topics covered include determination of VOCs in vehicle cabins,...

Thermal Desorption for the Analysis of Electronic Cigarette Aerosols

Electronic cigarettes, or “e-cigarettes,” are a relatively new product that is experiencing a rapid growth in popularity. As a result, users, regulatory agents, and scientists are interested in assessing the safety or potential risks associated with...

An effective extraction method for automated sample preparation in water analysis

In this interview, John Quick, Principal Scientist, ALS Environmental, Coventry, UK discusses trace level organic analysis of pollutants in environmental water samples. The interview was conducted at WWEM 2018 (Water, Wastewater and Environmental...

Reduce your current GC-MS analysis time and get results faster

Would you like to significantly reduce your current GC-MS analysis time while maintaining the same chromatographic separation? The combination of using a GC Accelerator oven insert kit and adapting an existing method to a scaled-down, more efficient...

Analyse More Semivolatile Samples per Shift Using Split Injection

Restek has produced an application note describing a split injection method providing a simple way to increase sample throughput for semivolatiles analysis.

Overview of Comprehensive Two‑dimensional Gas Chromatography

SepSolve Analytical has produced a technical note providing a short overview of the theory and practice of the rapidly-developing field of two-dimensional gas chromatography (GC×GC). Included in the discussion are a summary of the detectors used, an...

New GC Analyzer Solutions from SCION Instruments extended for Petrochemical, Environmental and Food Safety Applications

SCION Instruments, a global supplier of GC and GCMS instruments and chromatography data system announced their new GC analyzer solutions, which tailor the capabilities of gas chromatography systems to meet specific analytical requirements.

Liner Selection - Getting it Right!

When it comes to liner selection many of us are baffled about which to choose and will often default to liners that we are used to when developing a method. We just pick a standard split or splitless one and hope for the best. Selecting the right...

Methods for GC Optimization

Separation Science, in collaboration with Agilent Technologies, brings you an on-demand version of the recent webinar 'Make Productivity Happen – Optimizing your GC System' by Vanessa Abercrombie (Agilent Technologies, USA).

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