Gas Chromatography

A Modern GC/MS Tool Box for Non-targeted Screening and a Metabolomics Study of the Host Response to Sars-CoV-2

Here we offer two presentations: 'A Modern GC/MS Tool Box for Non-targeted Screening' by Dr. Jürgen Wendt of the LECO European Application and Technology Center, Berlin and 'Metabolomics Study of the Host Response to SARS-CoV-2' by Marcello...

A History of Breath Analysis with GC- and GCxGC-TOFMS

In this presentation Alan Griffiths, Separation Science Product Specialist at LECO Instruments UK, provides a brief history of how breath analysis research has developed with a particular emphasis on the importance of how the use of GCxGC, TOF-MS...

LECO in metabolomics

Following the recent 15th Annual Conference of the Metabolomic Society in the Hague, Dr Ralf Löscher, Vice President of LECO Europe, took some time to answer some questions concerning LECO's role as a leader in GC-MS metabolomics. The full interview...

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