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Structural NMR Techniques: Contribution to the Drug Discovery & Development

Attend this on-demand webinar by Carla Marchioro and you will learn how structural techniques contribute to drug discovery and development. This will be further explained through application examples.


Structural Techniques are playing a vital role in all the steps of a drug candidate discovery and development increasing structural and functional knowledge.

Impact range from drug screening, identification and structure characterization, structure based design, impacts also on in vitro and ex vivo studies on biological fluid and tissues, and on in vivo studies on organs or animals. 

Some examples of application of different structural techniques with cases from the target validation, to the identification of "drug-like" compounds, understanding of in vivo aspects, and contribution to the full development phase will be presented.

Focus will be given also to the combined use of techniques to result in complete profile of compounds and understanding of disease mechanism.

Lastly, possible options for an appropriate, quick, reliable and comprehensive impact from the techniques on the drug discovery and development process will be discussed with special consideration on “omics” approaches impact on the translational studies implementation, and success.


Carla MarchioroCarla Marchioro is the Scientific Director, and Head of the Drug Discovery and Development Division at Research for Rent, R4R, Italy. Previously she covered related positions in Aptuit and GlaxoSmithKline R&D where she led multidisciplinary and cross national groups (with direct responsibility for over 50 scientists).

She is an NMR expert with great experience in structural techniques. Over the years, she has developed an extended experience in a large part of the Research & Development process from target identification and progression to NDA filling.

In addition to the R4R role, she is a member of a number of Scientific Boards, European and National Research funding bodies. She is the author of a number of publications and presentations and she is a well-recognized member in the scientific community. She has been a member of the ENC Scientific Board, the chair of the 51" ENC (2010), member of the SMASH Conference Board, and the chair of the SMASH 2013 Conference.


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