Mass Spectrometry

Determining Terpene Profiles of Cannabis Strains

This presentation from LECO will help you understand the differences between the use of GC and GCxGC with high performance TOFMS and the benefits of using GCxGC for determining terpene profiles of cannabis strains.


By viewing this presentation you will learn how:

  • GCxGC-TOFMS facilitates confident cannabis product “mapping” through enhanced two-dimensional chromatographic resolution and high performance TOFMS
  • compound identification was achieved through spectral similarity searches of large, well-established databases, mass D determinations and retention index filtering
  • there is a lack of hybrid (product) correlation – choice of sampling technique, experimental errors, product variability…

“A continuum of composition amongst cannabis strains rather than distinct chemotypes” (Elzinga, Fischedick J, Podkolinski R and Raber JC, Nat. Prod. Chem. Res., 2015, 3:4)

Learn how the PEGASUS BT & BT 4D can help determine terpene profiles of  cannabis strains >>






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