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Webinar: Trusted Advice to Help You Improve ICP-MS Performance and Spectroscopy Workflows

Tips on ICP-MS Instrument Maintenance and Troubleshooting To Improve Best Practices

As an ICP-MS user do you need to improve your levels of productivity and efficiency? As a major supplier of spectroscopy and chromatography instruments, supplies and services, Agilent can assist by providing access to the power of its resources, knowledge and expertise.

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What will be covered?

In this webinar, we'll provide tips on ICP-MS instrument maintenance, troubleshooting and other technical content to assist ICP-MS users implement, coordinate and improve practices throughout their laboratory. 

ICP-MS instrument users attending this event will learn the following:

  • How to troubleshoot common instrument issues
  • Simple tips to help improve instrument maintenance
  • How to achieve the best performance from instrumentation, and
  • How to achieve new levels of productivity in spectroscopy workflows.

This webinar will be broadcast at three different times. Please select the broadcast that is most appropriate for you. If the times of this event are not convenient, still register and you'll automatically receive a link to the on-demand version as soon as it is ready.


EricVanclay_60.pngEric Vanclay 
Spectroscopy Supplies Product Marketing Manager
Agilent Technologies, Melbourne, Australia

GarethPearson_60.pngGareth Pearson
ICP-MS Supplies Product Manager
Agilent Technologies, Melbourne, Australia

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