Mass Spectrometry

Analysis of carbonyl compounds in solvents by GC-MS

Discover how this GC-MS method, now adopted by the ACS Reagent Chemicals Guide, can be used to identify and quantitate ppm levels of carbonyl compounds.

Polarography and HPLC analysis of derivatized 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine (DNPH) samples are commonly used techniques to measure carbonyl compounds in solvents. Polarography is older technology that requires the use of mercury, which is being phased out by many states due to its toxic nature. The DNPH method has a preparation step that requires additional chemicals to perform and could lead to loss of analytes and experimental error. In this on-demand webinar, the presenters explain how a GC-MS test method was developed for the analysis of carbonyl compounds that can be run on the neat solvent without preparation, does not require toxic mercury, and has shorter overall analysis time than polarography and DNPH methods.

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By viewing this on-demand webinar you will learn...

  • how GC-MS can be used to identify and accurately quantitate ppm levels of carbonyl compounds
  • how Honeywell chemists developed the GC-MS test for carbonyl compounds, presented it to the ACS Committee on Analytical Reagents, who then adopted the test as the primary method in the 11th edition of the ACS Reagent Chemicals Guide
  • advantages of running this analysis on GC-MS versus older techniques
  • about Honeywell brands and products that are ACS certified.

The Presenters


Neal Fox (Process Chemist - Honeywell, Muskegon, Michigan, USA)
Neal Fox started working at Honeywell in 2000 as an Analyst in the QC department. He moved on to fill the QC Supervisor role, and now serves as a Process Chemist. Neal has been involved in the Western MI section of the ACS, serving as local section chair and then as the alternate councillor. While serving as alternate councillor to the local section, Neal was also leading an effort to host a regional ACS meeting as General Chair of the Joint Great Lakes / Central Regional Meeting of the ACS in 2015. 

Lou_DuPont.pngLou DuPont (Quality Chemist - Honeywell, Muskegon, Michigan, USA)
Lou DuPont started his career in 1990 as a chemist working in various industries.  He started working at Honeywell in July 2008 as a quality chemist, specializing in Method Development, Metrology and Applied Research. Lou started his involvement with the American Chemical Society in 2012, both on the Reagent Chemicals Committee and as a special coordinator for local section activities. During his time with the ACS, they have published the 11th Edition of Reagent Chemicals, a compendia of procedures for testing various materials that conform to ACS specifications.

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