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The key to reproducible results by chromatography under standardized conditions

The CAMAG® Automatic Developing Chamber 2 (ADC 2) is the key to reproducible results by chromatography under standardized conditions. Watch the video to see how improvements can be made in your HPTLC laboratory...


The CAMAG Automatic Developing Chamber 2 (ADC 2) is a device for reproducible plate development. It performs the development step fully automatically, and independent of environmental effects. The activity and pre-conditioning of the layer, chamber saturation, developing distance and final drying can be preset and automatically monitored by the ADC 2. Two modes of operation are possible: stand-alone with input of parameters via keypad, or remote operation from visionCATS with process monitoring, documentation of operating parameters, and reporting. With visionCATS the ADC 2 can be IQ/OQ qualified and used in a cGMP environment. Operated with the mentioned software, the ADC 2 supports compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.

Key features

  • Fully automatic development of 20 x 10 cm HPTLC plates.
  • A conventional 20 x 10 cm Twin Trough Chamber is used for development. This way, chromatographic conditions of already existing analytical procedures can be retained, but environmental and operational effects are excluded.
  • Operation in stand-alone mode or software-controlled.
  • The user is freed of all process monitoring responsibilities, operation is fully traceable.
  • The option “Humidity Control” allows reproducible chromatography at defined activity of the layer. This feature is essential in method development when the influence of relative humidity shall be investigated.

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