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New UHPLC guard cartridges for Restek’s 1.8 μm Raptor columns

Restek has released its EXP UHPLC guard column cartridges made specifically for Raptor 1.8 μm columns. These guard cartridges are designed to provide extreme protection from particulates and matrix contamination, extend the lifetime of the already rugged and long-lasting Raptor columns and are proven to withstand the same UHPLC pressures as their analytical column counterparts.

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UltraShield filters are available for filtering out particulates, minimizing extra column volume, and maximizing sample throughput when using SPE, SLE, or other extensive sample preparations — but new Raptor EXP UHPLC guard column cartridges are an especially valuable alternative when using dilute-and-shoot or other minimal sample preparation techniques.

About Raptor SPP LC Columns
Superficially porous particles (commonly referred to as SPP or “core-shell” particles) changed the world of LC by dramatically boosting column efficiency and reducing analysis times, but they were only the beginning. With Raptor LC columns, Restek chemists have combined the speed of SPP with the resolution of highly selective USLC technology. This new species of chromatographic column allows you to more easily achieve peak separation and faster analysis times with existing HPLC instruments. Coupled with small-particle technology, 1.8 μm Raptor SPP particles also provide an efficiency boost to those running UHPLC when compared to fully porous particles. Raptor LC columns provide the practising analyst with the tools available for fast, efficient method development and increased sample throughput. 

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