Gas Chromatography

GC Learning Hub: 10 Ways to Easy GC

Agilent_GCHub_Splash_250619Separation Science, in collaboration with Agilent, offers a series of tutorials aimed at the GC and GC/MS user that form part of the 'GC Learning Hub'. In this tutorial you will learn a host of useful tips and tricks to streamline your daily workload leading to increased productivity with improved throughput with sample overlap. 


  • Module 1: Gas Clean Fliter & Sensor
  • Module 2: Gas Saver
  • Module 3: Autonomous Testing
  • Module 4: Self-tightening Nuts
  • Module 5: Columns with Smart Keys
  • Module 6: Remote Connectivity / Maintenance
  • Module 7: Retention Time Locking
  • Module 8: PSD / Backflush
  • Module 9: Sandwich Injections
  • Module 10: Oven Pillow
Run Time: 45 minutes

By viewing this tutorial you will learn about ...

  • Sample overlap to run more samples in less time
  • Self-tightening column nuts
  • Column smart keys
  • Sandwich injections
  • A host of other tips to improve your lab life!

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The Presenters

Angie Smith-80Angie Smith-Henry
(Applications Chemist for GC and MS Supplies, Agilent
Angie is is an applications chemist for GC and MS Supplies at Agilent in Wilmington, Delaware, USA. Previously, she was an applications chemist for the MSD Solutions and Applications group with a focus on developing analysers and applications for energy, chemical and environmental markets. Angie holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry from Lehigh University and BS in Chemistry from Juniata College.

Ian_Eisele_80Ian Eisele
(Applications Scientist, Agilent)
Ian Eisele is an Applications Scientist for the Software and Informatics Division at Agilent in Wilmington, Delaware, USA. Ian has worked in roles ranging from Field Service Engineer to Applications Chemist for the GC division. Ian holds an MS in Chemistry from Villanova University and a BS in Chemistry from Saint Joseph’s University.

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