Gas Chromatography

An effective extraction method for automated sample preparation in water analysis

In this interview, John Quick, Principal Scientist, ALS Environmental, Coventry, UK discusses trace level organic analysis of pollutants in environmental water samples. The interview was conducted at WWEM 2018 (Water, Wastewater and Environmental Monitoring) by Alan Griffiths, LECO Instruments UK and 
Jürgen Wendt, LECO Europe.

The benefits of using LECO's PEGASUS® BT & BT 4D GC-TOFMS and GCxGC-TOFMS instruments for such applications will be explained.


This interview will cover:

  • Introduction of a new extraction technique for automated sample preparation
  • Increase of the productivity of laboratories by reduced required sample volume
  • Conclusions on the PEGASUS® BT, a Time-of-Flight mass spectrometry instrument.

By viewing this interview you will learn:

  • about changes in water analysis using TOF technology combined with more effective extraction methods.

Download the poster...

For more information about the development of a GC-MS method for the simultaneous screening of target and non-target contaminants in river water download the poster below.

This poster shows the results of a screening carried out on river water, for the identification of a selected list of spiked organophosphorus pesticides and organonitrogen herbicides at low ppb level as well as the non-target identification of unknown components such as plasticizers, personal care products etc.…
The benchtop PEGASUS® BT TOFMS (LECO Corp. St. Joseph, Michigan, USA) has been used for this purpose coupled with the LECO’s Non-Target Deconvolution (NTD®) algorithm.

Download poster >>


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