Environmental Analysis

Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Chemicals of Environmental Concern

Separation Science, in collaboration with Shimadzu, offers a series of application notes introducing analysis methods for substances of concern such as PFAS, microplastics, and metallic elements. Click on the button below to download your...

Extraction and analysis of poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from soil

This application note demonstrates how accelerated solvent extraction can extract a variety of PFAS from soil including acids, sulfonates, fluorotelomer sulfonates, and sulfonamide compounds.

Solution for extending the hydrocarbon range of TO-17 in soil gas analysis

In this study, PerkinElmer, with assistance from CARO Analytical Services, has designed a new thermal desorption tube that successfully accommodates the challenges of soil gas sampling and analysis while outperforming the regulatory criteria a...

QuEChERS approach for the determination of pesticide residues in soil

UCT has produced an application note to evaluate the effectiveness of the QuEChERS extraction and cleanup approach for the analysis of pesticides in soil.

Improve the Analysis of Soil Gas to Determine if Targets are Being Missed

In this presentation from a recent 'Advances in Enviromental Analysis eSeminar' hosted by Separation Science in collaboration with PerkinElmer, Roberta Provost (Pace Analytical Services, USA) provides details of site studies in the analysis of...

Automated Fractionation of Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbons (EPH) in Soil using SPE

Biotage has produced an application note describing the operating conditions for the automated fractionation of EPH into aliphatic and PAH fractions using the ISOLUTE EPH column in conjunction with the Biotage® ExtraheraTM automation system. 

Improve the Analysis of Soil Gas to determine if Targets are Missed

Separation Science, in collaboration with Perkin Elmer, brings you an on-demand version of a webinar titled 'Site Studies in the Analysis of Soil Gas to determine if Targets are Being Missed?' by Roberta Provost, senior chemist in the Air...

Accurate Determination of Arsenic and Selenium in Environmental Samples

Thermo Fisher Scientific has produced an application note demonstrating the accurate determination of arsenic and selenium in sediments and rocks that contain elevated levels of rare earth elementsusing triple quadrupole ICP-MS.

GC×GC–FID for Routine Analysis of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons

SepSolve Analytical has produced an application note describing a flow-modulated GC×GC–FID system for the analysis of total petrochemical hydrocarbons (TPH) in environmental media.  The application note demonstrates how use of this system...

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