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Oxyanions in the water – a tale of 4 analytes in 5 minutes

DrinkingWaterImageCommon methods for the analysis of oxyanions require separation with ion chromatography using suppressed conductivity detection. Often to achieve the required detection limits, in some cases for bromate post column derivatization is required using UV detection.

Stuart Adams (Principal Scientist Market Development, Waters Corporation) will give a presentation to demonstrate a direct injection method for the determination of Oxyanions: chlorate, perchlorate bromate and chlorite in drinking water that exceeds the requirement for the new EU Drinking Water Directive.

Waters has developed a fast, direct injection LC-MS/MS method with low volume injection utilizing the Anionic Polar Pesticides column. This approach allows for:

  • Fast analysis time of 5 minutes without sacrificing the peak shape of the analytes
  • Robust and reproducible analytical method allowing for a simpler laboratory workflow
  • Consistent method performance across 3 different water type (mineral, soft and hard drinking water)

The presentation takes place on March 25th, so register below to learn all about this #WatersForWater solution related to the new EU drinking Water directive.

Presentation Details:
When: 25 March, 2021
Start Time: 10 am GMT / 11 am CET
Presenter: Stuart Adams (Principal Scientist Market Development, Waters Corporation)

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