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HPLC applications suitable for the different aspects of CQA monitoring

Involved in CQA monitoring? Looking for reliable HPLC methods suitable for the various aspects of this work? If so, the 'Critical Quality Attributes: Applications Compendium' is what you're looking for.

Achieve simultaneous analysis of monoclonal antibodies using Dual LC

This application note will teach you how to perform simple and rapid high-throughput analysis of biotherapeutics using different chromatographic techniques at one time.

Improve your bioprocessing applications for the purification of biomolecules

Tosoh Bioscience has produced Volume 1 of its 'Bioprocessing Application Notebook' that comprises over twenty application notes covering important aspects of biopharmaceutical purification.

Methods and applications in biopharmaceutical characterization eBook

Are you looking for solutions to your biopharmaceutical workflows? Struggling with your intact protein analysis, or need help with glycosylation studies? If so Separation Science, in collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific, has developed an...

How to analyse peptone samples using 2D–LC

This application from Agilent describes the 2D-LC analysis of complex peptones. Active solvent modulation proved to be valuable to maintain chromatographic performance and avoid breakthrough in the second dimension.

The importance of particle pore diameter for biomacromolecule separations

Recently, the evolution of middle to large biomacromolecules such as peptides or proteins is apparent in the market of pharmaceutical drugs in addition to traditional active ingredients based on small molecules. The use of peptides for clinical...

HPLC-DAD analysis of nucleotides

Phosphorylated compounds such as nucleotides are known to interact with stainless steel components leading to recovery issues in HPLC and LC/MS. Instrument and column inertness ensure successful analysis. Discover more about the bio-inert...

Download now the Bioanalysis Quantitation Applications eBook Vol 2

The therapeutic potential of biologic modalities has increased, driving an inevitable move toward exploring more complex biotherapeutic molecule classes. As biotherapeutics become more complex, there is still a demand for superior quantification...

Analysis of a bispecific monoclonal antibody with SEC-MS

Looking for an effective method for monoclonal antibody analysis? SEC-MS could be the answer...

Easy characterisation workflows in therapeutic protein analysis

Looking for new and improved technologies to advance your peptide mapping strategies? Do you want to overcome automation problems with your therapeutic protein workflows? If so, signup for this educational presentation...

The keys to understanding isocratic HPLC


Understanding the basics of any chromatographic technique is the first step towards achieving your analytical goals and allowing correct decision making and effective pharmaceutical method...

The role of light scattering in biopharmaceutical formulation development

Are you involved in biopharmaceutical research? Would you like to find out more about the role of light scattering and associated techniques in characterizing biological molecules? This presentation from Separation Science, in collaboration with...


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