Bioclinical Analysis

Forensic Sample Analysis

Separation Science, in collaboration with UCT, brings you the Forensic Sample Analysis eBook covering a range of solid-phase extraction (SPE) techniques and corresponding LC-MS/MS parameters for analysing various compounds in biological samples.

Protein Characteristics and How They are Analysed

This video tutorial forms part of the '(U)HPLC Analysis of Biopharmaceuticals' series offered by Tosoh Bioscience in collaboration with Separation Science.

Drugs of Abuse Analysis with new HLB Solid Phase Extraction 96-Well Plates

This study from Issue 13 of the Analytix Reporter demonstrates the applicability of the new Supel™ Swift HLB solid phase extraction (SPE) material to efficiently clean-up urine samples for LC-MS/MS analysis of opioids. The 96-well format is optimal...

What are enzyme assays method choices?

Learn more about enzyme assay, enzyme method, and enzyme method choices. Are you seeking a better way to automate your enzyme analysis? This guide will help with your decision-making.

Current Methods and Strategies for Biotherapeutic Impurity Profiling

The forum discussion will focus on impurity profiling in the development and manufacture of therapeutic proteins. Industry and regulatory experts will share their insights into the technologies and methods for developing an impurity control strategy.

End-to-end Solutions for the Complete Biorepository Sample Workflow

Are you looking for a LIMS solutions to support your sample workflows? Interested in increasing your return on investment and reduce risks? If so, join our webinar discussing how the pre-configured capabilities within a LIMS solution can help you...

Methods and Applications for Bioclincal Analysis

Separation Science, in collaboration with Restek, offers its latest 'Bioclinical Analysis' eBook featuring applications and methods to help you achieve faster analysis times and increase sample throughput.

Label-free proteomics performance with a mass spectrometer with single-cell sensitivity

This technical note introduces the The Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap Exploris™ 480 MS for protein and peptide identifications offering high reliability across instruments and sites — an essential for large-scale studies.

Determination of Water in Hemp and Cannabis by Karl Fischer Titration

This article from Issue 12 of the Analytix Reporter, produced by Merck, describes an application that demonstrates a moisture determination method for hemp and cannabis flower that is selective for water, and also provides rapid and accurate test...

Cannabinoid CRMs for Improved Testing Accuracy and Traceability

In this article from Issue 12 of the Analytix Reporter, produced by Merck, learn more about the manufacturing and certification of the company's cannabinoid CRMs, for use as calibration solutions, for system suitability testing, and qualitative...

Mobile mass spectrometry – taking the lab to the field

Portable mass spectrometry often seems to be the stuff of science fiction, but it is widely regarded as necessary to keep up with the demands of an evolving approach to human wellness. While the devices we imagine in fantasy and conceptualize for...

A Comprehensive, Curated, High‑Throughput Method for the Detailed Analysis of the Plasma Lipidome

This application note from Agilent describes a targeted LC/TQ-based method for the determination of 763 different human lipid species using a 10 μL volume of plasma.

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