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New handheld Raman system addresses the needs of first responders and military personnel for safety

The new Mira DS handheld Raman system from Metrohm uniquely addresses the need of first responders. Mira DS enables them to quickly and accurately identify hazardous material and narcotics from a safe distance.

A HazMat team responds to a call from a local police department investigating a stench emanating from a rundown building. A glance through the window reveals that the space is a clandestine lab littered with trash, dirty glassware, and suspicious chemicals. Before the investigation proceeds, first responders must qualify the nature of the threat to their safety. The requirement is met by Mira DS, the new handheld material identification from Metrohm. At the push of a button, Mira DS identifies hazardous materials, narcotics and the precursors, and explosives from a safe distance.



Discover how the Mira DS enables hazardous material and narcotics to be identified quickly and accurately from a safe distance



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