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Data Integrity Compliance: An Innovative Solution for Molecular Spectroscopy

Shimadzu has produced a technical note describing an innovative solution for ensuring data integrity for spectroscopy systems.

Learn more about data integrity compliance >>

FTIR Spectrophotometers to Simplify Analysis and Provide Outstanding Expandability

Shimadzu has introduced its IRSpirit series of Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrophotometers, the IRSpirit-T and IRSpirit-L compact-sized models, designed to simplify analysis and provide outstanding expandability.

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NMR Solutions # 4: Protein-Detected NMR-Based Methods

NMR-based screening is a powerful experimental technique that can be exploited by employing either ligand- or receptor-based methods [V. Roldós, F.J. Cañada and J. Jiménez-Barbero, Chembiochem., 12, 990-1005 (2011)]. We have already described several protocols operating from the ligand’s perspective (see previous NMR Solutions). Now, we will illustrate the typical scheme employed when analysing...

2018 Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry

Plasma Spectrochemistry for Trace Element, Stable Isotope, and Elemental Speciation Analyses

Raman Solutions #4: Validation of Quantitative Raman Methods

This article is the second of a three part series on quantitative prediction using Raman spectroscopy. Method validation is the process of verifying an analytical method is performing as required. Method validation is required in regulated industries and is good scientific practice. United States Pharmacopeia chapters on Near IR spectroscopy and on Raman spectroscopy describe the criteria that...

NMR Solutions #3: The Diffusion Ordered Spectroscopy Technique (DOSY)

The Diffusion Ordered Spectroscopy technique (DOSY) can also be applied to monitor molecular interactions. DOSY is a versatile NMR technique that provides a semiquantitative estimation of the translational diffusion coefficient (D) of a given molecule or mixture of molecules. In fact, the typical representation of DOSY corresponds to a simple 2D spectrum in which one the dimension corresponds to...

New Triple Quadrupole ICP-MS Combines Power and Simplicity

Thermo Scientific iCAP TQ ICP-MS offers advanced interference removal for analyzing challenging matrices while delivering reliable, reproducible data.

Raman Solutions #3: Quantitative Prediction Using Raman Spectroscopy

This article is the first of a three part series on quantitative prediction using Raman spectroscopy. 

NMR Solutions #2: Analysing Protein-Ligand Interactions -  Part 2

In this article, we continue addressing the analysis of ligand-protein interactions by NMR. Now, we will focus on one of the key experiments that monitor the recognition process from the ligand’s viewpoint: 'The Saturation Transfer Difference' method. The employment of this technique permits the existence of interaction and, in favourable cases, the identification of the ligand epitope to be...

ICP-OES Applications eHandbook to Help Boost Productivity

Agilent Technologies has produced this 100+ page e-book in which you’ll find tips on how to boost ICP-OES productivity, handle difficult samples, and simplify method development. There’s an overview on how ICP-OES addresses the specific needs of environmental, food and agriculture, energy and chemicals labs – as well as 18 detailed application-specific papers.

Raman Solutions #2: Raman Spectrometer Technology

For the second article of this series of articles on Raman spectroscopy I will review some of the latest in Raman technology. Raman has become one of the most important technologies. The large number of vendors with Raman spectrometers of different sizes is overwhelming.

Effective Method for The Analysis of Urine for Trace Elements using ICP-MS

PerkinElmer has produced an application note demonstrating the advantages of the NexION 2000 ICP-MS for analysis of trace elements in urine.


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