Separation Science

High Performance Analytical Instrumentation at analytica from Shimadzu

At the analytica trade exhibition in Munich from 10-13 April, Shimadzu will show the current and new highlights from its entire analytical instrumentation range consisting of chromatography, spectroscopy, spectrometry, TOC, material testing and...

Developing Strategies for Preparative HPLC

Agilent Technologies has produced a technical overview describing how to combine UV- and mass-based fraction detection with recovery collection for confident, successful sample purification.

Announcing PREP 2018, the 31st International Symposium on Preparative and Process Chromatography

PREP 2018 takes place 8-11 July this year in the Baltimore Inner Harbor - find out more about what's going on and why you should think about attending.

Leading the Way to Ensure the Separation Sciences Remain a Powerful Analytical Tool

Mark your calendar to attend HPLC 2018 on July 29-August 2, 2018 in Washington, DC USA. The HPLC conference will celebrate its 47th anniversary in 2018, and has grown to become the largest and most visible international conference series...

Shimadzu Launches i-Series Plus Integrated HPLC System

Shimadzu has launched its i-Series Plus integrated HPLC system that covers conventional to ultra-fast LC analysis. The launch coincides with the company's 50th anniversary of its presence in Europe.

Separation Science 2017 - don't miss this unique learning experience

Separation Science 2017 is the latest instalment of this highly successful conference, and will focus upon key disciplines within chromatography, mass spectrometry and related techniques, providing attendees with a unique learning opportunity...

Universal Analytical Method Development for Various HPLC Systems

Agilent Technologies has produced an application note describing a combined approach to analytical method development and method transfer by direct emulation of different target HPLC systems. The proposed workflow presents a general approach to...

Genetic Drift

Sometimes I don’t know whether to be amused or dismayed when I am presented with an HPLC method. Whether it is a method question from one of the readers or a paper to review for the 'Journal of Chromatography', it is a bit surprising to me how...


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