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[Webinar] How Can LIMS Deliver Value to Your Pharma Manufacturing Lab?

Separation Science, in collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific - Digital Science, offers a webinar focusing on how laboratory information management systems (LIMS) can deliver value and efficiency, and increase productivity, in your pharmaceutical manufacturing laboratory. It demonstrates how LIMS software can provide a complete, scalable solution that meets all your laboratory needs.

Webinar_040221_Header_Fade_ONDBy viewing this presentation you will learn:

  • The value of LIMS and how it can address industry challenges and trends
  • Preconfigured industry-standard features available with Thermo Scientific's informatics solution
  • How LIMS software drives compliance and data integrity

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Who should attend:

  • If you are senior management, you will learn about the newest developments in Thermo Scientific informatics solutions, designed to bring you more connectivity and more opportunities to respond to changing business requirements
  • If you are in charge of your supply chain and manufacturing operations, you will have the chance to talk to the Thermo Fisher development team concerning the latest integration tools available to bring your process systems in line with other enterprise, data and communications tools
  • If you are in charge of your IT operations, you will learn how to leverage the advances in cloud and web-based informatics technologies, including the latest uses of mobile devices to access lab data and manage operations
  • If you are a lab manager, you will participate in industry discussions about lab integration and automation challenges, the role of SDMS, ELNs and what it really means to have paperless lab. You'll also hear about the newest software releases and join in on the discussion as future upgrades are planned that will keep your lab ahead of the curve
  • If you are a lab scientist, you will have the chance to join discussions that can have immediate impact on your lab workflow and you'll hear from others about what can happen to your productivity metrics when your lab workflow no longer needs to rely on paper-based manual processes.

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