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ISPPP 2019: International Symposium on the Purification of Proteins, Peptides and Polynucleotides

ISPPP (International Symposium on the Separation of Proteins, Peptides and Polynucleotides) takes place 10-12 July 2019 in Baltimore. Come see the Latest Innovations in Technologies Critical in Clinical and Biopharmaceutical Research.


ISPPP Symposium 2019

Join scientists from around the world who will deliver cutting-edge presentations addressing key developments and applications, productivity and financial challenges, and novel approaches related to biological molecule separations and analysis focusing on the latest innovations in technologies that are critical in clinical and biopharmaceutical research, and are requirements in the manufacturing and quality control of new biotherapies and diagnostics.

The program will focus on separation, analysis, purification, and characterization methods related to biologically important molecules with modern techniques!

The program is uniquely focused on bringing together experts on the materials and methods of biomolecule separations with experts on developing applications of separations for discovery, analysis and structural characterization of biomolecules. The field continues to grow and adapt, enjoy better materials, instruments and methods, and a seeming never-ending list of interesting molecules to work on!

This international meeting series brings together many of the world's leading authorities to discuss new advances and applications addressing all issues of separation, purification, characterization and analysis of proteins, peptides, polynucleotides and related biomolecules with modern techniques. Separation from analytical, micropreparative to industrial scale will be covered.

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  • Discover new methods combined with applications-focused examples in the analytical and preparative world through interaction with experts from around the globe.
  • Learn about the latest innovations in technologies that are critical in clinical and biopharmaceutical research, and are requirements in the manufacturing and quality control of new biotherapies and diagnostics.
  • Preview emerging technologies in separations and mass spectrometry.
  • Discuss challenges in the lab with experts in the field to solve difficult or challenging analytical or preparative problems.
  • Build global contacts through one-on-one networking with experts in analysis and applications who will help better equip you to perform analysis and purification, leading to more effective and creative research.
  • Experience new products and instrumentation and engage in new ideas to fully appreciate how innovative technology can help you reach your goals. On site Vendor and exhibitor interactions in a collegial atmosphere.

· Proteomics and Protein Measurements
· High Resolution Separations Materials
· Therapeutic Biomolecules
· Novel Separations
· Monoclonal Antibodies
· Biomolecule Interactions
· Structure Analysis
· Diagnostics and Therapeutics
· Interactions and Conformation
· Nucleic Acids
· Glycans and Complex Carbohydrates

· Proteomics, Glycoproteomics & Phosphoproteomics
· Therapeutic Biomolecules and Biosimilars
· Monoclonal Antibody Analytics
· Novel Protein Structure Analysis
· Novel Separations Materials and Methods
· Interactions, Aggregation & Conformational Effects
· Nucleic Acids
· Metabolomics and Enzyme Analyses
· Glycans and Complex Carbohydrates
· Higher Order Structure Determination

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ISPPP will be held to overlap with PREP 2019, the most recognized international conference in the Preparative and Process Chromatography field. A single, discounted registration fee will provide access to both the PREP 2019 and ISPPP 2019 conferences that will be held the same week in the same conference venue. Both conferences will organize a full day overlap for joint technical program activities to take advantage of technical content and networking synergies. Registered participants from either conference may attend any PREP and ISPPP session that takes place on Wednesday, July 10, 2019.



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