Microscopy Solutions Blog

Combined Resolution and Calibration Standards for Nanoscale Imaging

Ted Pella presents the AuSome™ combined resolution and calibration standards for nanoscale imaging. These consist of known and uniform gold particles on a silicon chip.

A Quantitative Investigation of Biological Materials using EELS

Gatan has produced a poster demonstrating how electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) can be a valuable tool to obtain compositional information from biological samples.

Advanced Nanomeasurement Solutions for Research, Industry and Education

Keysight Technologies' range of instrumentation offers a variety of flexible scientific-grade solutions to meet unique nanomeasurement requirements. Further details are highlighted in this comprehensive brochure.


Compact Scanning Electron Microscope with Unparalleled Imaging

Hitachi has introduced a scanning electron microscope – the FlexSEM 1000 – designed to change your view of electron microscopy.

Understanding the Basics of the Scanning Electron Microscope

Since the scanning electron microscope (SEM) was first commercialized about 40 years ago the SEM has shown remarkable progress. Now many types of SEMs are being used and their performance and functions differ greatly from each other. To utilize...

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