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Atom Probe Tomography for The Nanoscale Characterization of Geological Materials

In this application note, CAMECA describe the analysis of a 4.4 billion year old zircon using atom probe tomography (APT).

Cathodoluminescence Analysis of Zircons

In this application example, Tescan provides an in-depth geochronological study of zircon grains from North-Western Mongolia. For high resolution imaging MIRA3 field-emission SEM equipped with TESCAN Color CL detector was used.


Effective Data Acquisition for High-Resolution Microscopy

Thermo Fisher Scientific has produced a data sheet introducing its Maps software that can automate the acquisition of large overviews at high resolution and correlate data across optical, SEM, FIB-SEM and TEM instruments for high-throughput data...

Improving Imaging Data Analysis using “MCR Model Analysis”

Jasco has produced an application note that provides an example of imaging data analysis using “MCR Model Analysis” in the Micro Imaging Analysis program for the IRT-5000/7000 series FT/IR microscopes. MCR Model Analysis is a function which...

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