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Streamlining Microscopy Sample Prep using mPrep System

Electron Microscopy Sciences introduces its mPrepTM System for specimen preparation and grid staining. Using the system enables consistent sample preparation with almost no direct handling of specimens and grids. 

The system features two types of purpose-built, microliter-volume capsules – one for specimens, the other for grids. Capsules attach to standard pipettors, which are used to conveniently deliver reagents in measured amounts.

Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)
The mPrep System streamlines TEM sample preparation using a capsule-based approach. You can use mPrep/s capsules to fix, orient, embed, and section specimens and mPrep/g capsules to stain or immuno-label TEM grids.

Benefits include:

  • As few as two human touches from microtome to microscope reducing damage and loss
  • Grids and capsules labeled for easy tracking from start to storage
  • Capsules attach to common lab pipettors for controlled reagent timing and minimal reagent consumption
  • Parallel processing.

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
The mPrep System streamlines SEM sample preparation. You can use mPrep/s capsules to efficiently fix, orient, hold and mount SEM specimens and use mPrep/g capsules to prepare specimens on TEM grids.

Benefits include:

  • Simultaneous reagent processing
  • Consistent quality
  • Controlled and reduced reagent consumption
  • Increased reproducibility
  • Reduced errors and accidents due to limited sample touches
  • Easily traceable samples and grids.

Materials Science
The mPrep System streamlines materials sample preparation. You can use mPrep/s capsules to prepare specimens for TEM, SEM, and other analytical instruments that require sample sectioning and mPrep/g capsules to prepare specimens on TEM grids.

  • Embed and cross-section polymers, soft material, films and fibers
  • Entrap small particles for easy handling
  • Orient films and fibers for SEM preparation and imaging
  • Prepare nanoparticles on grids.

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