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Micro-CT for In-Vivo Imaging

Bruker microCT, formerly known as SkyScan, develops and produces a wide range of high-end microtomography instruments for life science, material research and in-vivo preclinical studies.

SkyScan systems from Bruker microCT allow you to cut virtual sections or even fly through samples non-destructively. No preparation, coating or vacuum treatment is needed. Bruker microCT microtomography is available in a range of easy-to-use desktop instruments, which generate 3D images of a sample’s morphology and internal microstructure with resolution down to the sub-micron level. Software for visualization and analysis in 3D is included with all SkyScan systems. This brochure focuses on the SkyScan 1176 low dose Micro-CT in-vivo imaging system offering high spatial resolution.

The SkyScan 1176 is a high performance stand-alone in vivo micro-CT for preclinical research that has an unrivalled combination of resolution, image field size and scan speed. The image field of view (up to 68 mm wide and 200 mm long) allows full body mouse and rat scanning and distal limb scanning for bigger animals, such as rabbits, at pixel sizes of 9, 18 and 35 μm. Variable X-ray applied voltage combined with a range of filters ensures optimal image quality for diverse research applications from lung tissue to bone with titanium implants.

Micro-CT scanning with average dose below 10 mGy
The SkyScan 1176 in vivo micro-CT administers ultra-low radiation dose to the animals less than 10 mGy per scan, allowing multiple scans in longitudinal preclinical studies without the risk of unwanted radiation-induced effects.

Using the ultra-low dose scanning mode at 35 μm pixel size it is possible to obtain image quality that allows
segmentation and structural analysis of body tissues including lung, fat, lean tissue and bone.

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