Mass Spectrometry

Improve your triple quad data acquisition performance

This on-demand webinar demonstrates the capability of SCIEX OS software to perform data acquisition for legacy SCIEX Triple Quad instruments. If you're looking to turn your triple quad up to 11 find out how by registering below.

FREE Master Class on LCMS Unknown Identification Using MSMS Libraries

MS/MS (Tandem) spectra can be used to identify unknowns employing library searches. This is accomplished in much the same approach as that employed for EI GC-MS with the NIST search software. The much improved NIST Search Version 2.4 is included...

FREE Master Class on Effective Use of Mass Spectral Databases

Mass spectral libraries are a powerful tool for the identification of organic compounds in complex mixtures by mass spectrometry. This masterclass will demonstrate the use of the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) software suite...

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