Mass Spectrometry

Webinar: Simple Strategies for GC/MS Success

Learn how to identify and prevent common sources of leaks, evaluate tune reports and discover how to improve GC/MS detection limits.

There’s no time for downtime in a busy GC/MS lab. Lingering leaks, interpreting tune reports, and mediocre mass spectra are common frustrations for which a cause is not always apparent. Tune in tomorrow for insider tips and tricks to troubleshoot, identify, and prevent these common GC/MS ailments.

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What will be covered?
Lingering Leaks: Leaks allow nitrogen and oxygen to permeate your GC/MS system, resulting in premature column failure, reduced sensitivity, and inordinate amounts of frustration. Learn to locate and identify these leaks using common items you’d find around the lab or office, and implement strategies to prevent their recurrence.

Interpreting Tunes: The routine tune report you’re already running provides a wealth of diagnostic information that can be utilized to monitor your mass spec’s health. Demystify the tune report to proactively identify the need for maintenance and avoid unplanned downtime.

Mediocre Mass Spectra: Achieving trace detection limits and proper identification of unknowns is dependent on generating high quality spectra. Identify sources of noise and implement techniques for increasing signal to improve mass spectral quality.

What will you learn?

  • quickly identify leaks using commonly found items in your lab and prevent their recurrence
  • read a tune report to identify diagnostic information and prevent unplanned downtime
  • identify sources of mass spectral background noise
  • implement techniques that improve mass spectral quality

Rachael_Simon_80.pngRachael Simon 
(Agilent Technologies, Wilmington, Delaware, USA)

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