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[On-demand eSeminar] GCxGC: From Niche to Necessity?

GC×GC: From Niche to Necessity?

Separation Science, in collaboration with SepSolve Analytical, offers an on-demand eSeminar covering the principles and application of GC×GC. You’ll hear from leading specialists in the field about how changes in hardware are extending its capabilities from the niche to the mainstream. Also covered are some fascinating examples of real-life applications that have benefited from the separating power of GC×GC.

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Presentations Available

This on-demand event comprises five individual talks outlined below:

  1. Introduction to GC×GC (by Tadeusz Górecki, University of Waterloo)
  2. The routine application of GC×GC to real-world analyses (by Matthew Edwards, SepSolve Analytical Ltd)
  3. Variable-energy electron ionisation for GC×GC forensic blood VOC profiling (by Jef Focant, University of Liège)
  4. Identifying the unknown from engine exhaust emissions using GC×GC-ToF-MS and soft EI (by M. Salim Alam, University of Birmingham)
  5. Innovative GC×GC data processing: A tour through ChromSpace (by Laura McGregor, Markes International Ltd)

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the basics of GC×GC and what it offers over and above standard GC.
  • Debunk the myths of GC×GC being a ‘research-only’ tool.
  • Understand the hardware and software requirements for routine GC×GC.
  • Become comfortable in setting up a robust GC×GC system in your lab.
  • Familiarise yourself with the latest GC×GC applications.

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